About Me

My name is Claire Desmarais. Right away I'm going to set you straight so we are on the same page here—it's pronounced DEM-A-RAY. So now that we're past that, welcome to my blog. 

Candid Claire is about highlighting all moments in our lives, not just the ones we perfectly craft for social media. We easily succumb to constantly comparing our lives to those we perceive as better. But this blog won't focus on just all the good, but rather encompass the good, the bad and even the ugly.

But who am I? I come from the small town of Yakima, Washington, where my family owns a fifth generation hop farm. I'm not your regular farmer's daughter; I did not play with farm animals nor did I milk the cows and gather the eggs from the hens. But I understand if you made that assumption.


In 2016, I left to go to school at the University of Portland. I'm currently pursuing a degree in marketing and minor in Spanish. After about two and a half years, I've found a great group of friends and settled into my not-so-new-anymore life going to school while trying to find the balance we all so badly want. 

For the last two years, I've been crafting my writing skills as a reporter and editor for UP's student-run and all-digital news source, The Beacon. I wanted to expand my writing and pursue the topics I felt passionate about, so I created this blog to bring my experiences and what I know to a platform to share with others. 

I love to cook, workout and travel—just like every other college girl, but hey, write what you know.  I hope with this blog to not only write about fun articles, but also to highlight important issues that others may not speak about with one another. We all have our own voices; I want mine to be heard.