• Claire Desmarais

Not your normal first blog post

Over the last two and a half years, I’ve learned more about writing than I ever have in the past. Never would I have imagined that I would’ve started a blog—let alone a lifestyle blog, but here I am now.

This post will take you through the reasons why I put in all the effort to start this blog and what you might read from me. This new avenue of writing will provide a platform to express my thoughts more freely without the constraints of school or a job.

Candid Claire isn’t about highlighting the idealistic lifestyle that many of us see every day on social media but rather highlighting all issues and experiences. It’s easy to craft perfect moments, but it’s hard to be vulnerable and show the daily struggles we all endure.

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I feel as though I have a unique perspective on life because of my background. If you read the “About Me” page, then you’d read that I come from the small town of Yakima, Washington, and grew up part of a fifth-generation hop farm. I wasn’t the typical farmer’s daughter, but I’ll write about that more in my next post so stay tuned.

This blog will primarily focus on what I enjoy writing about or what’s on my mind for the week. This means as a 20-year-old, my everyday issues related to physical and mental health, school, social life, career, finances, travel, past experiences and other topics. I know the content I produce will not resonate with everyone, but if even a few words make a slight difference on someone’s day, it’s worth it.

After working as an editor and pursuing a degree in marketing, I wanted to expand and establish an outlet for my writing outside of my school and job. I’ve never started a blog before, but I’m confident my experiences and ideas can help you realize that we share similar issues and problems.

Today, the internet has evolved into a space in which thousands of individuals can share their emotions and ideas through producing content. Since starting my job as an editor for the University of Portland’s all-digital newspaper—The Beacon—I’ve learned the power words specifically have on creating change within a community.

My work as an editor has also provided me with the tools to maintain credibility. The internet is filled with false information, likely due to under-researched articles and misconceptions, yet I’ve learned to seek out reliable sources through the hours of research I’ve put into past articles I’ve written.

In the last two years, I’ve written about a number of issues prevalent on my campus. They ranged from covering a protest on Fr. Paul Scalia to how the age increase for purchasing tobacco and nicotine products in Oregon has affected students, and even smaller stories about the increase in emotional support animals.

All these stories not only pushed me to critically think about what goes on around us but also helped to further develop my writing skills to effectively communicate these issues to my audience.

While this might not be the normal first post of other blogs, it’s important that you trust me. Candid Claire is meant to be a place where my words can impact the way you think and provide you with another perspective.

I’ll do my best to always write exciting and interesting posts, but if there is ever a time you want to submit a topic you’d like me to write about, then shoot me a message and I’ll look into it!